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It’s all in the detail. Details are what catch Lili Maras’ eye. Details captivate the eye and briefly remove the observer from the present moment so that finally, like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, the imagination is fired up and something new is created. As Lili Maras herself says, she has always had a great passion for observing, scrutinising, and getting caught up in the details. This passion has been the creative impulse behind each new collection right from the very start.

She not only observes body shapes, silhouettes, movement, gestures and her customer’s inherent style, but also colours, textures, materials, and the combination of all these elements. It was this same talent for observation that led Lili Maras into fashion design after completing her law studies. She is a qualified pattern-cutter and fashion designer. The Lili Maras Couturehaus opened in 2007. Lili Maras likes to take a step back to focus on the person in front of her. This passion for observation is the clue to the way Lili Maras designs her clothes. Her aim is to offer every woman the opportunity to be herself.

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