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THE CONSULTATION: The designer attaches great importance to the detailed initial consultation in which, together with the customer, she clarifies as precisely as possible what is to be created.
In the inspiring atmosphere of the salon, Lili Maras will first inquire in detail about the occasion and any specific needs, ideas or wishes, so together she and the customer can start to consider any fabric preferences. After all, when it comes to materials and colours, every woman has her own predilections. Naturally, this step also includes taking detailed measurements. All the visible and invisible formulas that contribute to the success of a bespoke piece – such as style, colour, shape, buttons or zips, round or square neckline, length, the exact fit of darts, the height of the waist – are clarified at this stage. After sketching out the agreed design, it's now time to get to work in the atelier on the bel étage first floor of the Sachsenhausen townhouse.

Lili Maras complements her changing collections with classic tailoring. Unlike buying clothes off the peg, at Lili Maras the creative process of couture design begins not with the finished garment, but with a consultation. She designs and makes bespoke clothes on request for specific occasions, be it work, everyday wear, travel, evening wear, and of course for the special day in white too.

THE CRAFT OF COURTURE: The atelier, located immediately above the salon, is where the fine craftsmanship is put into practice. At the cutting table, Lili Maras makes a first basic cut, in line with the customer's measurements. This then serves as the basis for the mock-up for the desired piece. This step focuses exclusively on size, contour and fit. In order to achieve this perfectly, a mock-up is first made from untreated cotton. This "blank", which deliberately lacks character in terms of colour and material, is used for the first fitting to visualise the design, make any corrections to the lines, and to check the fit. This step concludes the preparatory work, so work on the original fabric can start.

OUT OF THE ATELIER, ONTO THE SKIN: The fitting in the original fabric represents one of the most crucial steps. Everything that has been measured, cut, pinned and sewn beforehand now reveals its effect when placed on the wearer – a magical moment when a wish, a dream, or an idea is finally translated into fabric. Following this fitting, once Lili Maras has put the final touches to the custom-made garment, it is finished with precise craftsmanship. For more elaborate designs, such as wedding dresses or evening dresses, Lili Maras undertakes several fittings. 
It goes without saying that the couture service includes, where desired, arranging meetings and fittings in the customer's home, or bringing the handmade garment to the customer's home or office after completion.

The creation of a bespoke design by Lili Maras brings out the wearer's individual style through its quality, fit, comfort and timelessness, and becomes a garment destined to accompany the wearer over many years.

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